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Beaumont, Texas is the largest city and the biggest economic driver in the local Metropolitan Statistical Area. Situated on the Gulf Coast, the city boasts a diverse economy with access to ports, interstate highways and dependable labor.

AT THE SAME TIME, the city’s size and location mean Beaumont is especially vulnerable to natural disasters. Most recently, Hurricanes Rita (2006) and Ike (2008) seriously impacted the Beaumont community—worsening existing drainage issues and straining city resources. The storms threatened not only residents and businesses, but also emergency services and other essential programs.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, Public Management assisted in applying for, securing, and managing over $25 million in grant funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Texas Department of Rural Affairs (TDRA). The resulting project corrected major drainage issues in areas that saw unprecedented flooding—especially in residential neighborhoods and prominent business centers along Calder Street.

Following Hurricane Ike, Public Management helped city leaders apply for, secure and manage more than $34 million in grant funding from TDRA and the Texas General Land Office. The initiative solved four major flood zones: the Downtown/Riverfront Park area, South Park, Magnolia Avenue, and Avenue A. Equally important, city officials used a portion of the funds to build a state-of-the-art public health facility and fire station—thereby making emergency services more prepared and responsive.

Public Management helped ensure that each project addressed residents’ needs, all while maintaining compliance with the various agencies’ requirements for funding. Since many of the projects were financed with grant funds, city leaders were able to direct resources to other recovery efforts—and eliminate the need to issue bonds or increase taxes.





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